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Healthcare Provider Happy Hour Podcast

Nov 16, 2021

In this week’s episode, I am joined by Suzanne Falter, an author and podcaster who helps busy women find happiness through self-care.

After losing her 22 year old daughter, Teal, in 2012, Suzanne’s work has evolved to help busy women learn more about self-care – a lesson she learned in coping with her grief. As a podcaster, Suzanne hosts the podcast, Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women, which is in the top 2% of all podcasts. It was inspired by her book, The Extremely Busy Woman’s Guide to Self-Care.


Suzanne is host of the Self-Care Group for Extremely Busy Women on Facebook, a thriving group of 56,000 women committed to self-care. As a writer and author for more than 40 years, Suzanne has a catalog of powerful fiction and self-help titles including Surrendering to Joy and How Much Joy Can You Stand


As a speaker, Suzanne currently shares her inspiring story of being a donor Mom and the importance of self-care for overworked healthcare professionals with Debi Granger. Debi’s daughter’s life was saved when she received Teal’s heart and kidney after her death. They focus on reinvention after loss… and getting back to joy no matter what. They also host the Back to Happy podcast.


Tune in to this week’s episode to learn:

  • What she had learned about living life after the sudden passing of her daughter
  • Questions to ask yourself in order to find what you really need 
  • Five self-care basics you can be using right now in your everyday routine 
  • What signs to watch for in order to know you’re on the right track 


Grab your drink of choice and join the conversation!




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