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Healthcare Provider Happy Hour Podcast

Jul 27, 2021

Have you been feeling stuck, unmotivated, or stressed lately?  

In this solo episode, I’ll be talking about how implementing your own outlet can help you embrace good energy, feel joy, and reduce stress. I share insights on how you can find the right outlet for yourself and discuss what outlets have worked for me,...

Jul 20, 2021

How can you implement Sam Thiara’s C.A.R.E. principle into your practice to avoid feeling overwhelmed during the pandemic? 

In this episode, I am joined by Sam Thiara, a professional who has created a personal journey as a storyteller, writer, mentor/coach, problem solver, educator and entrepreneur.  His goal is to...

Jul 13, 2021

Did you know that a recent study shows that 3 in 10 healthcare workers are considering leaving the profession due to burnout?

In this episode, I’ll be talking about how the pandemic has affected healthcare workers, and why retention should be a priority right now, versus recruitment. I share insights on what the...

Jul 6, 2021

How do we let go of what’s holding us down? As a healthcare provider, how can we manage these toxic feelings and shift our mindset? 

In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about how to manage toxic feelings, stress and energy constructively, in healthcare. I share insights on how to shift your focus from the...