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Healthcare Provider Happy Hour Podcast

May 25, 2021

It can be so easy for us as healthcare providers to forgo our own needs when addressing patients, sometimes it just rests at the back of our minds, later to be forgotten and further to be suppressed. But, that really doesn’t have to be the case for us.

In this episode, I’ll talk to you about keeping our integrity at...

May 18, 2021

No one will know you better than you know yourself and it’s this kind of acknowledgement that will help you maximize healing connections with clients.

In this episode, I chatted with Anniken Chadwick-- a UK trained physiotherapist who focuses on pelvic health and owns The Cheerful Pelvis physiotherapy clinic.  Anniken...

May 9, 2021

Physician burnout is a widespread issue and is worsening with the onset of this pandemic. From being overworked, understaffed, and undermanaged; our healthcare workers are facing much bigger hurdles and challenges where they’re expected to work and sacrifice critical aspects of their own personal lives.

In this episode,...

May 4, 2021

Unconsciously, we can easily overlook how something is impacting us in our life. Be it from our friendships, relationships, and the like. But in my case-- it’s my mom; a kind and caring person, one of the closest people to me on this earth.

Through my relationship with my mom, I was taught to pour my heart into my...